Fire Testing and C6 Foam Performance

September 18, 2017

In July 2017, Johnson Controls invited members of major oil companies to our Marinette, WI campus to witness a variety of fire tests in order to demonstrate the performance of newly launched THUNDERSTORM 1x3 AR-AFFF C6 foam concentrate and how it compared to the historic C8 formulas. 

The facility in Marinette, spanning over 300 acres, has the unique advantage of two fire test houses on-site, offering 60 feet of reinforced concrete with rooftop ventilation systems for intense interior fire testing up to 50 square feet in cubic space.  In addition, the facility boasts a 60-acre fire test field used for testing concentrates and equipment in a variety of real-world scenarios.  Top safety science companies around the globe rely on our sophisticated capabilities in Marinette for consistent testing data.

The tests performed over two days in July, were conducted in accordance with UL 162 Standard for Foam Equipment and Liquid Concentrates and the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Plunge Test.  UL 162 testing is run using a square test pan, measuring 50 ft2, for both Type II and Type III applications.  The WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Plunge Test & Protocol is run using a round test pan, measuring 9.5 sq. ft.  This Plunge Test is designed to test the ability of foam agent to extinguish storage tank fires by simulating a Type III foam application. The WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Plunge Test was designed to benchmark legacy foam products after the successful extinguishment of the largest storage tank fire in history, which the WILLIAMS FIRE AND HAZARD CONTROL Response Team responded to.

During this time period, more than 20 tests were performed showcasing the performance of THUNDERSTORM C6 W813A.  With each test, we were able to demonstrate how the new C6 formulation of THUNDERSTORM met or exceeded the performance of our historic C8 formula.

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