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Screaming Eagle 2,000 GPM Portable Monitor Base

Screaming Eagle monitor base is a portable yet robust platform to launch attacks on industrial fire hazards. This relatively lightweight (450 lbs or 204 kg empty) and compact (5 ft x 5 ft or 1.5 m x 1.5 m) platform can be dropped off virtually anywhere in your facility or incident site.

Source-Line® Forestry Hose

A very durable untreated single jacket forestry hose, rated with a service test pressure of 300 PSI (20.7 bars), and constructed of 100% spun polyester lined with TPU elastomer.

Super Large and Large Diameter Industrial Hoses - Taiga 600/1200™

The Taiga 1200 is rated as a Super Large Diameter Hose (SLDH) and the Taiga 600 as a Large Diameter Hose (LDH) with a best-in-class 200 psi (13.8 bars) service test pressure.

Supplyline™ Large Diameter Hose

The large diameter hose (LDH) fire departments wish they always had. SUPPLYLINE™ is 100% polyester, double jacket. TPU elastomer lined hose with a service test pressure rating of 300 PSI (20.7 bars).

Swivel Hydrant Manifolds

Hydrant manifolds incorporate 360° rotating swivel built into the main riser of the unit allowing first responders to reposition the hydrant in the most advantageous direction depending on the location of the hazard

Tidalwave 600™ Large Diameter Municipal Hose

A unique lightweight 6” (152 mm) large diameter hose capable of significant water flow at higher pressures, TIDALWAVE 600™ is a 100% polyester double jacket, 300 psi (20.7 bars) service test pressure rated attack, relay and supply hose.

WATP 500V High Head Foam System

Williams Around The Pump Foam System features the ability to infinitely adjust, or “tweak” the foam concentration for Class “A” (1%) or Class “B” (3%) solutions to a maximum of 500 GPM.

WATP-1500V High Head Around the Pump Foam System

The Williams Fire and Hazard Control (WF&HC) ‘High Head’ Around-the Pump 1500V Foam System is designed to be installed within the apparatus piping to provide foam proportion at 0.25% / 0.5% / 1% / 3% / 6% and foam solutions up to 4800 / 4500 / 4000 / 1500 / 750 GPM respectively.

WBB Series Big Boy Hi-Volume Monitor Nozzles

WBB series high-volume nozzles are designed to flow at 750 or 1,000 gpm at 100 psi inlet pressure.

Williams Double-5 Industrial Fire Hose

Williams Double-5 Industrial Hose is a unique lightweight 7¼” (184mm) large diameter hose woven with 100% filament polyester for superior durability and pressure performance.

Williams Portable Around the Pump Foam Proportioning System WATP-1500

The Williams Around The Pump 1500 Portable Foam System was designed to turn any pumper into a foam producing device.

WPRV Williams Pressure Reducing Valves

The Williams Fire & Hazard Control Pressure Reducing Valve (WPRV) maintains constant pre-set inlet pressure for use in conjunction with the Around The Pump (or comparable) foam systems. It allows any firewater pump to produce suction side foam at virtually any positive inlet pressure.

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