Company Sponsored Training

In conjunction with our site assessment activities and standard course offerings, Williams Fire & Hazard Control, can customized additional course offerings to meet our customers training needs. Calling on the many years of emergency response experience, the Williams Fire & Hazard Control team will work with our customers to build a customized course that ensures their emergency response training needs are met.

Courses can be conducted at any number of locations to include our Training Center in Port Arthur, Texas, our customer’s facility, or at a facility of our customer’s choosing. If live fire evolutions are required, training can be conducted at B.E.S.T. fire grounds in Beaumont, Texas or TEEX Brayton Fire Field in College Station, Texas.   

Industrial Fire Fighter Training

  • Fire Brigade Member and Leader Training
  • Safety Officer Training
  • Flammable Liquid Firefighting – Process Unit & Storage Tank
  • LPG Firefighting

Emergency Management Training

  • Incident Command System
  • Incident Management Structure & Training
  • Agency Interface

Emergency Response & Fire Protection Consulting

  • Facility Evaluations - facility fire pre-plans, facility equipment and capabilities, fire protection assessments, hazardous materials assessments and onsite support for emergency response
  • Fixed Industrial Facilities (Storage Tanks/Tank Farms, Operating Areas, Terminals, Loading Facilities, Marine/Dock Facilities, Rail Car Storage Areas, and Pipeline Facilities) 
  • Fixed and Portable Fire Fighting Apparatus & Equipment
  • Drill and simulation planning
  • Interface between responsible party, response organizations, regulatory authorities, etc.

Company Brands

Rapid Response
Sabo Foam