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Foam Wand

The Foam Wand is designed to expand and deliver foam into remote/hazardous areas where either logistics or safety considerations dictate that the foam nozzle be “unattended.”


The Hollow Point from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL is an air aspirating foam discharging device designed to protect against a fully involved surface fire for cone roof or fixed roof storage tanks.

LW Series Dual-Agent Foam Chamber

LW series dual-agent chambers combine both foam and dry-chemical applications for internal floating roof tanks.

LW Series Foam Chambers

LW Series Foam Chambers consist of a foam expansion chamber and an integral foam maker, defined by NFPA 11 as “Type II” top-side application device.

LW9/WSDB Foam Maker with Wind Shield/Discharge Board

The LW9/WSDB Foam Makers are integrated systems providing NFPA 11 “Type II” foam application to the rim seal area of open floating roof tanks.

Point & Shoot - Rim Seal Protection

The Williams Point & Shoot System includes both an air aspirating foam device designed to be installed on flammable liquid storage tanks for protection against a seal fire, as well as an optional fixed pipe to be used with a monitor and nozzle. Designed for flows up to 275 GPM (1040 L/min), a single air aspirating device delivers expanded foam solution through left, right, and against the wall discharge points.

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