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Advent Balanced Pressure Foam Systems

The system combines the proven reliability of a balance pressure foam system along with simplified user-friendly controls. In operation, foam concentrate pressure, supplied by a positive displacement pump, shall be automatically controlled so that it is equal to system water pressure by regulating foam concentrate by-pass flow.

AMBASSADOR Large Volume Deck Gun

The “Ambassador” Series Large Volume Deck Gun is a monitor/nozzle package designed to address today’s Industrial firefighting and protection needs. This high volume delivery system is available in either wireless or hardwired hydraulic driven remote control in 12 or 24 VDC with manual hand wheel & nozzle pattern adjustment overrides.

ATP Eductors

The Around The Pump Eductor is a fundamental, economical, yet proven way to produce foam on a fire truck.

Hot Shot II Foam System

The Hot Shot II balanced pressure foam proportioning system is a hydraulically driven “demand” system utilizing a positive displacement foam pump and pressure control circuit that provides foam concentrate supply at a pressure balanced or matched to that of the fire water pump.

Ranger 3™ and Ranger 3+ Deck Guns

The “Ranger 3™” and the “Ranger 3 PLUS” monitor nozzle packages are capable of self-educting foam concentrate, and can do so while maintaining a nearly constant pressure and a constant foam percentage (1% or 3% selectable) regardless of the flow rate.

WATP 500V High Head Foam System

Williams Around The Pump Foam System features the ability to infinitely adjust, or “tweak” the foam concentration for Class “A” (1%) or Class “B” (3%) solutions to a maximum of 500 GPM.

WATP-1500V High Head Around the Pump Foam System

The WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL ‘High Head’ Around-the Pump 1500V Foam System is designed to be installed within the apparatus piping to provide foam proportion at 0.25% / 0.5% / 1% / 3% / 6% and foam solutions up to 4800 / 4500 / 4000 / 1500 / 750 GPM respectively.

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