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AMBASSADOR Large Volume Deck Gun

The “Ambassador” Series Large Volume Deck Gun is a monitor/nozzle package designed to address today’s Industrial firefighting and protection needs. This high volume delivery system is available in either wireless or hardwired hydraulic driven remote control in 12 or 24 VDC with manual hand wheel & nozzle pattern adjustment overrides.


The AMBUSH™ System is an air aspirating foam device designed to provide effective “system based” full-surface as well as rim seal fire suppression for external floating roof storage tanks.

ATP Eductors

The Around The Pump Eductor is a fundamental, economical, yet proven way to produce foam on a fire truck.

Attack Trailers

WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Attack trailers are built with the customers’ specific needs in mind, and are available with many options including high volume foam storage, proportioning, dry chemical, foam transfer, scene lighting, and fire-fighting delivery capability.

Battler Monitor Trailer

The Battler Large Flow Monitor Trailer is a mobile firefighting platform capable of large volume discharge to elevations difficult to attain by conventional equipment. The Battler was developed to provide fire suppression, cooling, personnel protection, toxic gas dispersion and more. It is designed to flow up to 10,000 GPM (37,800 LPM) of water or extinguishing foam solution with Hydro-Foam™ technology.

Big-Tee Series Monitor Nozzles

The Big-Tee is a premium grade industrial master stream nozzle with an exclusive “flush” feature. Discharge pattern is fully adjustable from straight stream to full fog. Standard flow rates are available at 350, 500 or 700 gpm (1,325, 1,893 or 2,650 Lpm) at 100 psi (6.9 bars) nozzle pressure.

BTM Series Monitor Nozzles

BTM series nozzles are standard industrial grade master stream nozzles made of cast brass construction. BTM nozzles are fully adjustable from straight stream to full fog and are available with flow rates of 350, 500, and 700 gpm at 100 psi.

DASPIT Tool and Mini DASPIT Tool

The WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL DASPIT Tool, used in the field for decades, is an innovative solution for firefighters designed to stabilize a large-volume attack monitor to the rim of storage tanks.

DependaPower Firefighting Water Pumps

The DependaPower Firewater Pumps are EPA Tier 3 or Tier 4 diesel-driven horizontal split case (or overhung axial split case for the 1500 model) centrifugal pumping systems designed to pump large volumes of water, 1500 to 6000 GPM, in emergency response operations. They are workhorse pumps capable of drafting water as well as boost water pressure.

DEPENDAPOWER Submersible Pump

DEPENDAPOWER Submersible Pump continues the proven technique of applying overwhelming fire suppression power to control a dangerous situation in the shortest time possible.

Drum Kit, Double Drum Kit and Tote Kit

A “Drum Kit” is the link between any self-educting nozzle and an atmospheric foam concentrate container. It allows self-educting nozzles such as Hydro-Foam Ranger™ nozzles to pick up foam concentrate from a drum or other atmospheric containers.

Foam Wand

The Foam Wand is designed to expand and deliver foam into remote/hazardous areas where either logistics or safety considerations dictate that the foam nozzle be “unattended.”

Gorilla PKW Dry-Chemical Vessel

The Gorilla™ 500 LB PKW Dry-Chemical Pressure Vessel is designed as a three-dimensional fire response tool with about 30 lb (13.6 Kg) per second powder discharge capability. Powered by a nitrogen cylinder mounted on the skid, the Gorilla can apply PKW dry chemical using Hydro-Chem™ Ranger monitor nozzles, Hydro-Chem™ Handgun nozzles (single, double, or even triple), up to 600 feet (17 m) of dry powder hose depending on hose size, number of lays, and the cylinder capacity. Two of these units can apply PKW dry chemical via the large flow Hydro-Chem™ Ambassador monitor nozzle.

HF Series Medium Body Self-Educting Monitor Nozzles

The HF series monitor nozzle is a water powered system that proportions and delivers either water or foam to the hazard area. The HF series monitor nozzles are available at flow rates of either 350 or 500 gpm (1,325 or 1,893 Lpm) @ 100 psi (6.9 bars).

High Volume Remote Controlled Monitors

High Volume Electric Actuated Remote Control Monitors from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL are designed to be mounted at elevated positions for fixed applications. Available Ranger 3+ and Ambassador Monitors from WF&HC. Flowing 1,500 – 4,000 gpm (5,678 – 15,142 Lpm) and 2,500 – 6,000 gpm (9,464 – 22,712 Lpm), respectively, with maximum working pressure is 200 psi (13.8 bars).


The Hollow Point from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL is an air aspirating foam discharging device designed to protect against a fully involved surface fire for cone roof or fixed roof storage tanks.

Hot Shot II Foam System

The Hot Shot II balanced pressure foam proportioning system is a hydraulically driven “demand” system utilizing a positive displacement foam pump and pressure control circuit that provides foam concentrate supply at a pressure balanced or matched to that of the fire water pump.

Hydrant Monitor Stand

For mounting a monitor onto any fire hydrant to create a convenient monitor station.

Inline Eductors

Inline Foam Eductors provide the simplest and most economical method of introducing a metered flow of foam concentrate into a pressurized water stream

LW Series Dual-Agent Foam Chamber

LW series dual-agent chambers combine both foam and dry-chemical applications for internal floating roof tanks.

LW Series Foam Chambers

LW Series Foam Chambers consist of a foam expansion chamber and an integral foam maker, defined by NFPA 11 as “Type II” top-side application device.

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