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LW Series Foam Chambers

LW Series Foam Chambers consist of a foam expansion chamber and an integral foam maker, defined by NFPA 11 as “Type II” top-side application device.

LW Series Small Body Monitor Nozzles

Nozzle has a built-in self-educting foam proportioning capabilities and has a fully adjustable discharge pattern going from straight stream to full fog with flow rate of 150 or 225 gpm (568 or 852 Lpm) @ 100 psi (6.9 bars).

LW9/WSDB Foam Maker with Wind Shield/Discharge Board

The LW9/WSDB Foam Makers are integrated systems providing NFPA 11 “Type II” foam application to the rim seal area of open floating roof tanks.

LWNS Series Medium Body Monitor Nozzles

The LWNS series monitor nozzles are patented water powered nozzle systems that proportions and delivers either water or foam to the hazard area. Three models are available with flows at 350, 500 or 750 gpm (1,325, 1,893 or 2,839 Lpm) @100 psi (6.9 bars), respectively.

Minuteman Hose Reel Foam Stations

Minuteman Series Hose Reel Foam Stations are pre-engineered firefighting systems consisting of a foam concentrate storage tank, proportioning equipment, and hose and discharging devices.

Multi-Port Metering Valve – Air Actuated

The Multi-Port Metering Valve offers the simplicity and reliability of fixed orifice metering coupled with the flexibility of eight air actuated ports. The valve can be custom configured to have from 1 to 8 ports. Each port can be selected to meter solution flows from 30 gpm (114 Lpm) @ 3% up to 750 gpm (2,893 Lpm) @ 6%.

PKW (Purple-K) Dry Chemical Suppressing Agent

Williams’ “PKW™” is a highly specialized siliconized Purple-K that is one of the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and/or combustible pressurized liquid fires. When used in conjunction with Hydro-Chem™ Technology it effectively controls and extinguishes pressurized or three dimensional “Class B” liquid fires.

Point & Shoot - Rim Seal Protection

The Williams Point & Shoot System includes both an air aspirating foam device designed to be installed on flammable liquid storage tanks for protection against a seal fire, as well as an optional fixed pipe to be used with a monitor and nozzle. Designed for flows up to 275 GPM (1040 L/min), a single air aspirating device delivers expanded foam solution through left, right, and against the wall discharge points.

Powder Keg

The Powder Keg Dry Chemical Skid from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL represents a powerful tool in a small, convenient package used to combat pressurized fuel fires. The package is designed to be mounted in a compartment of a fire truck. The system is packed with 75 lbs (34 Kg) of PKW™ dry chemical powder and powered by conventional 4,500 PSI air-pack bottles that can be easily replaced or recharged.

Quick Attack Foam Cart

The Quick Attack foam cart is ideal for spill fires in chemical plants and flammable liquid storage areas. Unlike eductor style foam stations, this foam cart operates effectively and proportions foam even at low water inlet pressures. Minimum recommended inlet pressure is 70 psi (4.8 bars). Foam stream projects from monitor approximately 50’ (15.2 m) at 70 psi (4.8 bars) inlet pressure (straight stream in still air).

Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles

The Ranger 3 and 3+ Nozzles, featuring “Smart Nozzle” Technology, is capable of discharging water only, a water foam solution with Hydro-Foam technology using jet pumps or utilizing the automatic self-educting feature with constant/selectable metering, or dry chemical using the Hydro-Chem™ technology. Flow rates are available up to 4,000 gpm (15,100 LPM).

Ranger 3 Monitor Trailers

Mobile monitor trailer capable of delivering up to 4,000 GPM (15,100 LPM) water or foam solution. With its optional Hydro-Chem capability, it can deliver dry chemicals to extinguish 3-dimentional fires or pressurized gas fires.

RANGER 3+ Nozzle Quick Attack Skid Package

The RANGER 3+ Nozzle Skid offers a modular Quick Attack platform with a water/foam nozzle for early response operations. Applicable uses include fire suppression, vapor mitigation, and personnel protection during flammable liquid and gas related events. This skid can help deliver water, foam, and dry chemicals to process areas, terminal operations, loading racks, docks, and pump stations where large equipment logistics may be difficult.

Ranger 3™ and Ranger 3+ Deck Guns

The “Ranger 3™” and the “Ranger 3 PLUS” monitor nozzle packages are capable of self-educting foam concentrate, and can do so while maintaining a nearly constant pressure and a constant foam percentage (1% or 3% selectable) regardless of the flow rate.

Ranger Automatic Hydro-Chem Monitor Nozzles

These nozzles can flow water or water/foam solution generated by various proportioning methods from 250 to 2,000 gpm (946 to 7,571 Lpm), depending on model number, while maintaining a nominal 100 psi (6.9 bars) ± 10% to assure maximum effective reach of the water/foam solution over the flow range. The nozzle discharges dry chemical at approximately 20 lbs/sec (9 Kg/sec) through the center of the water/foam stream.

Ranger Automatic Hydro-Foam Monitor Nozzles

An automatic nozzle with the exclusive combination of self educting/selectable “constant metering” foam proportioning. Rangers 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 deliver flow ranges of 250 – 1,000, 500 – 1,500 and 750 – 2,000 gpm (946 – 3,785, 1,893 – 5,678 and 2,839 – 7,570 Lpm), respectively while automatically maintaining the tip pressure at a nominal 100 ± 10 psi (6.9 bar) throughout their entire flow range.

Ratio Controllers

Ratio Controllers are modified venturi foam proportioners that accurately meter pressurized foam concentrate into the firefighting water stream. These foam proportioners are used in conjunction with balanced pressure systems, such as bladder tanks and pumped proportioning skids.

Screaming Eagle 2,000 GPM Portable Monitor Base

Screaming Eagle monitor base is a portable yet robust platform to launch attacks on industrial fire hazards. This relatively lightweight (450 lbs or 204 kg empty) and compact (5 ft x 5 ft or 1.5 m x 1.5 m) platform can be dropped off virtually anywhere in your facility or incident site.

SOURCE-LINE* Forestry Hose

A very durable untreated single jacket forestry hose, rated with a service test pressure of 300 PSI (20.7 bars), and constructed of 100% spun polyester lined with TPU elastomer.

Super Large and Large Diameter Industrial Hoses - Taiga 600/1200™

The Taiga 1200 is rated as a Super Large Diameter Hose (SLDH) and the Taiga 600 as a Large Diameter Hose (LDH) with a best-in-class 200 psi (13.8 bars) service test pressure.

Supplyline™ Large Diameter Hose

The large diameter hose (LDH) fire departments wish they always had. SUPPLYLINE™ is 100% polyester, double jacket. TPU elastomer lined hose with a service test pressure rating of 300 PSI (20.7 bars).

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