Advent Balanced Pressure Foam Systems

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The Advent Balanced Pressure Foam Systems are designed for use with WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL® (WILLIAMS) THUNDERSTORM®, T-STORM®, and Class A foam concentrates for emergency response to both Class A and Class B fire hazards. With proper calibration, the Advent system may also be used to proportion many other commercially available AFFF, AR-AFFF, and protein foam concentrates. 

The Advent system utilizes a positive displacement pump for foam concentrate delivery. The pressure is regulated via the foam concentrate by-pass flow which is returned to the suction side of the pump. A foam-to-water heat exchanger (shell and tube type) keeps the foam cool in the event of a prolonged deadhead pump operation. 


  • Multiple foam injection points 
  • Simultaneous variable proportioning rates 
  • Capable of operation with Class A or B foam concentrates 
  • No additional load on the chassis electrical system (less than 1 amp at 12 VDC) 
  • Automatic pressure control 
  • Manual by-pass capability 
  • All mechanical components 
  • Common manifolding not required 
  • Variable foam concentrate flow rates from 12 gpm to 120 gpm (45 Lpm to 454 Lpm) 
  • Broad range of solution flow rates from 40 gpm to 5,000 gpm (151 Lpm to 18,927 Lpm) 

Available Options

  • Tank-to-pump and tank-fill controls
  • A/B tank selector and flush control
  • Pneumatic tank control kit
  • Pneumatic A/B change-over kit
  • Single or dual tank controls (sold separately)
  • Individual discharge metering valves (sold separately with discharge ratio controller kits)

Ordering Information

Contact WILLIAMS customer service at Johnson Controls with specific application requirements for custom configuration as well as additional information.

Advent System Part Number



Base Unit  Single Tank Control Dual Tank Control
Advent 12 (PTO)/12 VDC 11691 11701 11706
Advent 12 (PTO)/24 VDC 11692
Advent 12E (230 VDC)/12 VDC 11693
Advent 12E (230 VDC)/24 VDC 11694
Advent 30/12 VDC 11695 11703 11708
Advent 30/24 VDC 11696
Advent 60/12 VDC 11697 11704 11709
Advent 60/24 VDC 11698
Advent 120/12 VDC 11699 11705 11710
Advent 120/24 VDC 11700

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