AMBASSADOR Monitor Handbrake Kit

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AMBASSADOR monitor handbrake

The AMBASSADOR monitor handbrake is designed to automatically stop and hold a rotating AMBASSADOR monitor in position, while water/foam is discharging. When either the top or bottom lever is engaged, the industrial brake calipers release both the horizontal and vertical axes, allowing for manual positioning of the monitor.

The handbrake assembly is an add on feature to the AMBASSADOR monitor. It may also be purchased separately as a field installable retrofit kit. The handbrake is compatible with most monitors with the machined swivel flange.


  • Braking torque is capable of locking a flowing, rotating monitor upon release of the brake levers.
  • Patent pending braking system is compatible with the tiller-bar operated AMBASSADOR monitor with the machined swivel flanges.
  • Handbrake retrofit kit includes the tiller-bar with the brake assembly.


  • The handbrake assembly contains all necessary components including: tiller bar and actuation assembly, master cylinder, brake line, calipers, horizontal and vertical swivel brake discs and caliper mounts, and enclosures. The brake system is delivered assembled and bled of air, ready for installation and operation.
  • Braking torque is accomplished through the spring applied, hydraulic release calipers. This braking system is able to withstand the nozzle reaction force, even when the brake components are coated in fire fighting foam solution. The swivel set screws allow independent locking of swivels so the brake system operates on a specific axis.
  • Brake line hoses are braided stainless steel, with stainless steel connections. All rotating joints include the use of oil-embedded bearings for friction-free operation. Geared mating connection between upper and lower handle means both handles operate as one. The specified fluid is the widely available DOT 4 brake fluid. The extended horizontal swivel set screw is provided in the handbrake retrofit kits to replace the original, shorter set screw.

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454525 Handbrake retrofit kit - AMBASSADOR monitor 153 lb (69 kg)

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