High Volume Remote Controlled Monitors

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High Volume Electric Actuated Remote Control Monitors from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL are designed to be mounted at elevated positions for fixed applications.  They have a programmable oscillation capability for automatic operations, but may also be overridden with a matched Hydro-Foam™ nozzle operated remotely through the use of a joystick and switches on a consolidated control panel.  In addition, manual operation can also be accomplished locally through the use of hand-wheels.  Foam concentrate can be proportioned at the nozzle through the use of a jet ratio controller and atmospheric concentrate storage tank.  They are ideal high volume discharge devises of water and foam solutions for mitigating fire, flammable or toxic chemical vapour and other hazards to protect refineries, chemical processing areas, ship loading docks, etc.

These monitors are variations of the best-selling Ranger 3+ and Ambassador Monitors from WF&HC.  6” or 8” fabricated stainless steel waterways provide maximum flow efficiency, minimum friction loss, and the ultimate in product longevity.  Flowing 1,500 – 4,000 gpm (5,678 – 15,142 Lpm) and 2,500 – 6,000 gpm (9,464 – 22,712 Lpm), respectively, with maximum working pressure is 200 psi (13.8 bars).  All electric actuators are reversible, NEMA 7 explosion proof, refinery grade, FM Approved and C.S.A. certified.  Only power and control conductors are required.  No external controls, starters, or starters in motor control center are needed.  Monitors can be programmed to “return to home” position (horizontal, vertical, nozzle to wide angle fog) after use, automatically, whether P.L.C. controlled or hard wired.

Two direct mounted electric actuators with speed reducing gear drives installed on the motor enable remote control of horizontal position, as well as vertical trajectory.  Field-adjustable limit switches on each actuator allow 360º horizontal rotation and from -70º to +70º vertical travel.  Monitor traversing speed is a least 10º per second. A third direct-mounted electric actuator enables remote operation for the nozzle’s discharge pattern, from wide fog to straight stream.

Choose from Straight stream, Hydro-foam or Hydro-Chem nozzle.  The monitors are constructed with stainless steel waterway and swivels with stainless steel ball bearings.  Monitors include lifting lug for handling and mounting.  The gears are steel and bronze with a nickel plated brass shaft.   They are supplied with red epoxy finish.   The monitors and controls are designed for operation with temperatures as low as -20ºF (-29°C).  Weather protective cowlings are provided over all gears and shafts.  Standard motor voltage is 480/3/60.  Standard Control voltage is 120 VAC.  Other voltages are available upon request.

Ordering Information

Part Number Monitor Nozzle Raise Face Flange Size Motor Voltage (3 phase/60 Hz) Actuator
13216 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Chem 6” 460VAC EIM
13273 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 460VAC EIM w/MODBUS
13377 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 230VAC EIM
13658 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 8” 460VAC EIM
14721 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 208VAC EIM 4 – 20 mA
14722 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Foam 6” 460VAC EIM
14723 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 460VAC EIM
14724 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Chem 6” 230VAC EIM
14725 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Foam 6” 230VAC EIM
14726 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Chem 6” 208VAC EIM
14727 Ranger 3+ Hydro-Foam 6” 208VAC EIM
14728 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 208VAC EIM
14955 Ranger 3+ Master Stream 6” 208VAC EIM 0 – 1000 KO
13378 Ambassador Ambassador 8” 460VAC EIM 4 – 20 mA


Above are examples of available configurations.  Many more are available.  Send inquiries to Williams for configurations addressing your specific application requirements.

Monitor Mounted Junction Box is NEMA 4X, pre-wired to monitor actuators, with all required electrical interface equipment.

Normally supplied with custom control panel — wireless options available.

Engineered Towers/Waterways (5’ to 40’ or 1.5 to 12 m) are available.

Matched water supply specialty deluge valve and strainer packages available

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