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The Powder Keg Dry Chemical Skid from WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL represents a powerful tool in a small, convenient package used to combat pressurized fuel fires. The package is designed to be mounted in a compartment of a fire truck.  

The system is packed with 75 lbs (34 Kg) of PKW™ dry chemical powder and powered by conventional 4,500 PSI air-pack bottles that can be easily replaced or recharged.  The vessel is refillable with PKW.

At the heart of this package is a Hydro-Chem™ nozzle. When combined with a pressurized water/foam source, this system can extinguish a fire at ranges not possible with conventional equipment.

The unit can provide Dry Chem flows of 5 or 7 lbs/second (2.3 or 3.2 Kg/second), and water/foam solution rates of 60, 95, or 125 GPM (227, 360 or 473 Lpm).

PKW is a highly specialized siliconized Purple-K that is one of the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and/or combustible liquid fires. It is proven even more effective when used in conjunction with The Hydro-Chem™ Handgun Technology to extinguish pressurized or three dimensional liquid fires. WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL PKW is a potassium bicarbonate-based dry chemical containing chemical additives. The agent is free-flowing, water repellant, non-abrasive and, when used as a fire extinguishing agent, produces no toxic effects.

Its distinctive, deep purple color provides the firefighter with the ability to stay on target when the dry chemical is projected to the fire within the water/foam solution stream. The result, when combined with Hydro-Chem™ Technology, is the ability to achieve a quicker “knockdown”, in addition to using less chemical to complete the job.

Ordering Information

Part Number 11860 – Powder Keg Dry Chemical Skid


  • Two 50’ (15 m) sections of 1” lay flat Dry Chemical hose (For Dry-Chem Use Only)
  • Adjustable Hydro-Chem™ Handgun (selectable 60, 95, or 125 gpm water/foam flow rate and 5 and 7 lbs/sec Dry Chem Powder tips)
  • Dry Chemical Tank
  • 75 Lbs (34 Kg) of “PKW™” Dry Chemical Powder
  • Standard 4500 psi (310 bars) Refillable air-pack bottle

Nominal Weight:

Empty: 150 lbs (68 Kg)
Full: 225 lbs (102 Kg)

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