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AMBASSADOR Monitor Handbrake Kit

The AMBASSADOR monitor handbrake is designed to automatically stop and hold a rotating AMBASSADOR monitor in position, while water/foam is discharging.

AMBASSADOR Monitor Trailers

It is a mobile large-volume discharging platform capable of delivering up to 6,000 GPM (22,700 LPM) water or foam solution for fire suppression, cooling, personnel protection, toxic gas dispersion and more. Its optional Hydro-Chem capability delivers dry chemicals to extinguish 3-dimensional fires or gas pressure fires. If more flow is needed, maximum flow rate of 8,000 GPM (30,000 LPM) is available on selected models.

Attack Trailers

WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Attack trailers are built with the customers’ specific needs in mind, and are available with many options including high volume foam storage, proportioning, dry chemical, foam transfer, scene lighting, and fire-fighting delivery capability.

Battler Monitor Trailer

The Battler Large Flow Monitor Trailer is a mobile firefighting platform capable of large volume discharge to elevations difficult to attain by conventional equipment. The Battler was developed to provide fire suppression, cooling, personnel protection, toxic gas dispersion and more. It is designed to flow up to 10,000 GPM (37,800 LPM) of water or extinguishing foam solution with Hydro-Foam™ technology.

RANGER 3+ Nozzle Quick Attack Skid Package

The RANGER 3+ Nozzle Skid offers a modular Quick Attack platform with a water/foam nozzle for early response operations. Applicable uses include fire suppression, vapor mitigation, and personnel protection during flammable liquid and gas related events. This skid can help deliver water, foam, and dry chemicals to process areas, terminal operations, loading racks, docks, and pump stations where large equipment logistics may be difficult.

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